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KunstZ works together with numerous cultural, social & artistic partners. A broad network is essential forachieving our objectives and guaranteeing the influx and promotion of artists. 

KunstZ, together with many partners, realizes its mission to develop a creation platform where supply and demand, in the field of diversity, within the performing arts meet.


KunstZ's network is versatile and dynamic. The collaborations ensure that this network commits itself in different ways to support artists with an ethnically and culturally diverse background in their further development in the Flemish performing arts landscape. The collaborations take place in different ways.

In 2014, kunstZ together with theatre companies Laika, De Roovers and Muziektheater Transparant moved into the Matterhorn building in Borgerhout.  With the Matterhorn companies we jointly participate in local initiatives such as  the Reuzestoet and KunstenNoord and we organise metropolitan participatory projects such as the city festival 'Fiery Loves'.

In addition, there is also an influx of art artists  through numerous other social organizations such as Huis van het NederlandsVDABOCMWCAW'sKRAS jeugdwerkRecht-Opmigrantenorganisaties,  OKAN klassenSpoor Oost, Onthaalbureau InburgeringAntwerps Integratiecentrum de8, de opvangcentra van Linkeroever en Kapellen. 

Furthermore, in order to guarantee the development of a platform, kunstZ  is a permanent partner of the Mestizo Arts Platform .  This for the 'Work In Progress' section of theatre makers with diverse roots and for co-creation of new work. During MAP we annually present various projects by makers who have been supported by kunstZ in completing their project for a wider audience. Discover the makers who participated in WIPCOOP under the guidance of kunstZ here !  

Finally, in addition to the partners mentioned above, kunstZ works  together with many other organizations including: De Veerman, METX, hetpaleis, KVS, Hakuna Academy, Tutti Fratelli, Madam Fortuna, Rooftoptiger, Zonzo Compagnie, Demos, Zomer van Antwerpen, De Kleine Expeditie, Bad Van Marie, DE MAAN, MartHA!tentatief, Rataplan,  Villanella, Toneelhuis, ...

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