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Jamaa El Irakya/Monty

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With '4 trajectories' you got to see the work of different artists, each in a different discipline.  


Text reading 'Hlyn's nest' – Medeya Yarhasan 

Medeya Yarhasan wrote the story of a woman who fled Saddam Hussein's regime. The text 'Hlyn's nest' that she plans to edit in her trajectory is based on her mother's tragic life story.  During her trajectory, Medeya wants to investigate what her texts can mean in our cultural context. Several actors perform a theatrical reading of her text.  


'Yes, I'm' – Zukisa Nante (in collaboration with Madam Fortuna) 

Zukisa Nante wrote a monologue in which he pleads for respect, integrity and dignity  for black communities in South Africa. In his monologue, Zukisa addresses the public as a government and defends to them the values and rites of his culture.  


Documentary Belgiraq – Mahmoud Al Azzawi 

Mahmoud Al-Azzawi made the documentary Belgiraq in which he follows some Iraqi artists who have come to Belgium. He makes a penetrating portrait of these young men who fled their country and here pursue their artistic dream.  


These 3 artists were coached and assisted by different professionals from the sector:  Luk Nys, Johan Petit, Greet Vissers, Lars Damoiseaux, Stef De Paepe, Andrew Claes, ao..  


Kid Nap-Ahmed Khaled 

Ahmed Khaled is an Iraqi theater maker who previously appeared in the performance Irakese Geesten en (Mokhalad Rasem), Macbeth (kunstZ) and who himself created the performances Gecrasht and Kid Nap. 'Kid Nap' is based on personal experiences, on a short story by the famous Iraqi author Hassan Blasim and on testimonies of Iraqis and foreigners who  have been kidnapped in Iraq in recent years. 

Directed by Ahmed Khaled

FROM AND WITH Hussein Ali, Nele Vereecken, Duraid Abbas, Ahmed khaled

TEXT Hassan Blasim

MUSIC Roeland Luyten

DECOR Moayed Joda

COACHING Luk Nys, Johan Petit, Greet Vissers, Lars Damoiseaux, Stef De Paepe, Andrew Claes, ao

4 trajectories is a production by Jamaa El Irakya in co-production with Monty. With the support of the City of Antwerp, the Flemish Government, Work Space Brussels, Kopspel/kunstZ. In collaboration with Rataplan and Madam Fortuna.

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