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The theatre workspace

Performances are created in the theatre workspace. Here artists and performers from the kunstZpool can gain concrete theatre experience and develop their talents. 

There is always collaboration with professional theatre makers within the productions of the kunstZ. 

Individual creators that want to develop their own project, can contact kunstZ for advice and support. 

The theatre workspace is also a place of meeting and exchange. Both for artists and performers from the theatre sector. This mix of creators ensures that we have a pool of people to work with in the arts sector. 


kunstZ has built a network of artists through the years and as result has created the kunstZpoolArtistic aspirations flow through the doors of kunstZ. The different ambitions are collected and formed into new  creations.

The kunstZpool

Every year kunstZ makes one or two original creations. Each new  collaboration utilising our connection with professional theatre makers and those in our kunstZpool.

KunstZ creations

kunstZ offers advice and support to individual creators that would like to develop their own projects so that it can be made possible.  

We also work closely with Mestizo Arts Platform to coach 'Work In Progress' performances.

Individual creators

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