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kunstZ is an arts creation platform that offers a space for ethnic and culturally diverse talent to develop in the performing arts sector.


KunstZ is an organisation where various makers and artists develop in the fields of theatre, dance and film. Together with new talent, we search for content, stories and forms that reflect today's urban society. 

With the kunstZacademy, a part-time theatre training program, and the support of new creators in the theatre-workplace, discovering and developing talent is at the core of kunstZ. 

In the theatre workspace we offer a platform to those who have ambitions to work in the performing arts. KunstZ offers a network, support and guidance to develop creative endeavours.

The goal is to see a sustainable diversification of  cultural offerings and to lower barriers for new creatives.

In the spotlight

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HOME XXL, come in

In a succession of words, dance, song and live music, 'Home XXL' brings the wonderful story of 'Philemon and Baucis' to life and into the present. Two actors, a dancer and a musician interpret timeless themes about god, mankind, friend and stranger in a show that both surprises and moves and in which the decor plays a special role...


Mohanad Mukhtar creates a visual performance in which he takes the young audience (+7 years) on an adventure. Inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, he tells a story with SINBAD about a boy who wants to celebrate his birthday for the first time in his life.

The boy is very curious but also nervous for the party. How do you prepare a birthday party without parents and family around you? Because everyone has stayed behind in Baghdad. Mohanad invites you to his birthday party. Are you celebrating?

No one doubts that stricter measures will be necessary if the pandemic gains momentum and the healthcare sector struggles. Not even the arts sector. But the fact that new and drastic measures are being launched at the drop of a hat without substantiating whether they are actually effective is too much of a blow for a sector that has been footing the bill for months now. Despite all efforts to organise culture safely. Despite zero evidence of infections at cultural events. Nobody understands this any more.

Read more in the article "Policy makers, get a grip, now!"

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What can you do at kunstZ?

kunstZ guides those with cultural ambitions through the world of performing arts.

Do you want to expand your knowledge and skills?

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The kunstZacademy

The kunstZpool

kunstZ has a large network of projects, art houses, employers, ... who might be looking for your talent! Thanks to our kunstZpool we can connect you with each other.

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