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Bassim Al Tyaeb/kunstZ

Work in progress

Schermafbeelding 2019-10-24 om 20.09.18.

A man and a woman spend a thousand and one nights together.
Every night the man and the woman relate differently to each other.

A wedding couple looking for a new dialogue.

Bassim Al Tyaeb's need to make theater is growing all the time.

"I work and live in two societies. In the theater I can connect these two worlds. There I can create a utopian reality in which social issues are solved. I cannot see my work separately from the super diverse society. I come every day in contact with people who hold on to their traditions, their habits, their families. The whole social issue is urgent. How should all these cultures find a form of 'alttaeayush alssilmi' - peaceful coexistence?" 

– Bassim Al Tyaeb

An entire research phase precedes this production. Bassim Al Tyaeb starts an investigation into the intercultural model of society from the microcosm of marriage.

CONCEPT & GAME  Bassim Al Tyaeba

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