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The KunstZacademie presents DE BLINDEN, based on a text by Maurice Maeterlinck

"What time is it?"
"If I don't talk, I get scared."
"We don't even know where we are!"
"I can hear the stars."

Somewhere, at some unspecified moment, a group of blind people wait for their lost leader. With the sun disappears the hope that he will come back. The upheaval strikes...

Maeterlinck wrote the text in 1890, the period of Symbolism. The players prove that it is still current. With this performance, kunstZ gives 10 foreign-language actors the opportunity to delve into the Dutch text. A team of coaches guides them in words, movement and play. Lotte Heijtenis directs.

GAME Mark Boen, Hassan Raad, Midiea Cheragan, Manoosh Majdzadeh, Mieke Bombeke, Saida El Haddioui, Yasir Hazim, Wassim Al Qaisi, Romeo Lothi, Laetitea Keim, Timur Magomedgadziev

DIRECTORS Lotte Heijtenis


SOUND Alec De Bruyn

COACHES Duraid Abbas Ghaieb, Rebecca Lenaerts, Mieke Bombeke

PRODUCTION Somalia Williamson, Aline Leynen

COSTUMES Vick Verachtert

ENGINEERING Louai Hashem, Steven Brys

With the support of the Talent Development Fund and the Flemish Government.


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