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kunstZ // Laika


A Lady in the Closet is a living comic book. Three actors play funny, strange and imperturbable figures in a never-static carousel of objects, images and characters.


A Lady in the Closet was created in 1992 by Greet Vissers and Jo Roets. From the premiere, the performance was widely acclaimed by the press, audience and programmers. As a toddler hit for the small audience, she toured extensively at home and abroad (France, United States, Croatia…) for many years. Laika and kunstZ took 'A lady in the closet' out of the closet again after 20 years. ​

SCRIPT Jo Roets and Greet Vissers

DIRECTOR Greet Vissers

GAME Celia Fechas, Lilian Keersmaekers, Amadou Soleman, Tijs Magagi Hoornaert, Alain Rinckhout

DECOR Marc Maillard

MUSIC John Gilbert Colman, Andrew Claes

COSTUMES Mieja Hollevoet

PROPERTIES Fenneke Brookhuis

LIGHT Jef De Cremer  



A Lady in the Closet is a co-production of Laika and kunstZ.

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