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After "Le roi se meurt" by Ionesco.

A new day dawns in the kingdom of King Bérenger the First. A mighty and great kingdom led by a mighty monarch. At least that's how it was 500 years ago, last year, yesterday, five minutes ago. Now his kingdom is in ruin, the King is in ruin. The King dies. All signs point to it. The symptoms are clear, it's in the stars. The King dies, at the end of the performance. His kingdom dies with him. Everyone knows it, but not everyone accepts it. Certainly not the King. He fights against reality, against the inevitable.  

The show moment is a track. The public is shown around  throughout the building of De Studio. A number of scenes have been pre-recorded in collaboration with Dirk Corthout (VRT) and are shown via projection or monitor.  

EXIT DE KING is a presentation by the students of the KunstZ Academy. We started this part-time theater training for people of different origins in September 2011. A group of 17 students attended classes every Saturday morning for a school year in the former Herman Teirlinck studio. Theatrical performances were also attended every two weeks in the various theaters and cultural centers of Antwerp. This 'trial year' has proven to be very successful and next school year we can start with a second year. The training is organized within the structure of the adult education CVO TNA.    



PLAYERS  Neslihan Akyazi,  Mamadou Bah, Tunde Bamidelem, Alex Cordova,  Alfa Degity, Laetitia Keim (film), Meryem Kiliç, Ali Konaté , Khalid Koujili, Ahmed Kumar, Danny Muboti,  Bie Noe, Yildiz Ozkan, Belgiz Polat, Mayra Zuniga

CONCEPT  Mieja Hollevoet and Greet Vissers

DESIGN  Steven Brijs and Mieja Hollevoet


VOICE TRAINING  Annelies Jacobs

SOUND  Seppe Janssen

TECHNICAL  Steven Brijs, Seppe Janssen

IMAGERY  Dirk Corthout

TEACHERS kunstZ Academy:  Marie Decorte (movement), Annelies jacobs (voice training), Dahlia Pessemiers (vocals), Greet Vissers (drama) 

With the support of theatre Froe Froe, the diversity cell of the VRT, KBC and the SOROS Foundation    

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