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Ahmed Khaled/artZ


An explosion.  


People don't remember anything. How can you still use your senses when your head has crashed?  


Perhaps our beliefs have changed. Little by little everything comes back. We begin to understand why we are where we are. We want to designate a black sheep, one who can launder guilt with innocence. And then, when everything goes quiet, it just starts all over again.


Deafening. Unavoidable. Breathtaking.

GAME  Ahmed Khaled, Mokhallad Rasem, Sofie Palmers, Duraid Abbas, Jessa Wildemeersch

The performance CRASHED by the Iraqi theater maker Ahmed Khaled premiered during the Mestizo Arts Festival 2010 in the Arenberg Schouwburg. In collaboration with the theater maker, Scheld'apen, MAF and Monty.

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