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Aïcha Cissé/kunstZ/WIPCOOP

Work in progress


no love  is, a monologue by Aïcha Cissé, spiced up with autobiographical elements, literature research and a melting pot of testimonials from singles looking for a love.

With a thousand and one questions, Aicha tries to fathom the world of relationships and love. Since January 2016, Aicha has been collecting funny and sad anecdotes, old and new romantic stories and visions about love. Do all those different stories expose the universal foundations of us
  together  or  being alone?

no love  is a monologue with many questions and hopefully many answers that we are all (perhaps secretly) waiting for.

no love  will be shown as Work In Progress during the Mestizo Arts Platform 2016.

CONCEPT  Aïcha Cisse

COACH Nele Vereecken

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