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Nitish Kumar Bhardwaj/artZ/WIPCOOP

Work in progress


© Victoriano Moreno

WHAT SHE SAID examines the position of women in a patriarchal society. From live music, poetry, dance and acting, Nitish Kumar Bhardwaj and Lara Groeneweg explore the symbolism of the Ettuthokai, the eight anthologies of South Indian literature. They draw inspiration from the elaborate conventions and metaphors and adapt the poetry into the story they want to tell. This Work In Progress they take a story from Metamorphoses, about a water nymph, Scylla. In the future, they want to explore this material further in Cilappatikaram, an epic from the 5th century.  


Scylla's story is a mirror of the havoc the patriarchy wreaks on women. What she said is a narration from her perspective, in poetic verses and the scene a reflection of her inner world. 

Nitish Kumar Bhardwaj is an actor, director and writer of poetry and theater plays. He studied multimedia and animation where he researched the anthropological approach 'rasā' through dramaturgy and how it can affect the audience.  


His play 'Kalki Avtar Pe Mukadama' won the national drama competition in Jaipur, Rajasthan. And a series of his poems were published as books by Chinmaya Gyanpeeth Publications, New Delhi. Nitish realized a docudrama on environmental education (University of Dayton). He also films and directs a documentary about a dance project by choreographer Jo-An Lauwaert. He also wrote and directed a short film about depression and the endless monotony of life, which will premiere this year. And a song he composed from his poetry is used in an award-winning independent feature film. The story of Scylla is a mirror that reflects the havoc the patriarchy wreaks on women. The narration is from her perspective in poetic verses; and the scene a reflection of her inner world.  

WHAT SHE SAID will be shown as Work in Progress for the first time during WIPCOOP Antwerp in the Arenbergschouwburg on Tuesday 09 November 2021.

CONCEPT Nitish Kumar Bhardwaj

GAME Lara Groeneweg

MUSIC Nitish Kumar Bhardwaj


THANKS TO  WIPCOOP/Mestizo Arts Platform and the Flemish Government

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