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Marco Torrice // kunstZ // WPZimmer // Conservatory Antwerp // Dag van de Dans


24.April 2021 22:00


MELTING POT is a dance practice developed by Italian creator Marco Torrice. Dancers from different cultural backgrounds and styles meet on the dance floor and thus enter into a dialogue. Through movement they tell a story in which they express, share and give a place to their deepest emotions.


Torrice creates and redefines the concept of 'contemporary dance'. His project is more than a performance but an ecstatic experience where the artists involved throw a part of themselves into the MELTING POT and create new life together. Different dance styles such as hip hop, freestyle, krump, vogueing, ... come together in a show that is somewhere between performance and party!


In 2020, Torrice will challenge the principle of MELTING POT by opening the dialogue to other art sectors and building a bridge between the performing arts, music, light/video and fashion. By allowing new art forms to work together, Torrice wants to further develop and strengthen his current dance practice and its perception. And all this during a dazzling dance performance that you can't help but notice!

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