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kunstZ // deBuren // MAF


Jovial Mbenga and Nele Vereecken created the theatre piece Mon Noord together.  

They tell the story of a child who is proud to be Congolese, but dreams of distant Europe. Once an adult, Jovial travels to Europe and becomes acquainted with the literal and figurative cold climate. This journey gives both African and European reality and mentality a different perspective.  

Mon Noord is a story about dreams and unachievable expectations, illusions and disillusionments. 

CONCEPT & GAME Jovial Mbenga and Nele Vereecken

TEXT Jovial Mbenga


PRODUCTION vzw Boris  



Mon Noord is a co-production of kunstZ, Flemish-Dutch Huis deBuren, the Flemish Community Commission and MAF/ With the support of the Flemish Government in connection with 50 years of migration, the Flemish minister responsible for Brussels and the Neighborhood Life service of the Municipality of Ixelles/ In collaboration with Kuumba, Scheld'Apen and Zinnema/ With thanks to Laika, Two Dogs Company, Théâtre Molière, muzique Publique, Paul Kerstens, Inge Floré, Claudine Bogemans and Renate Laconte.  



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