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KunstZ // Opera Ballet Flanders


Giselle is a simple girl who finds herself in a love triangle that will prove fatal to her. On the one hand, there is the jealous boy from her village, on the other, a charming newcomer. When it turns out that the newcomer is actually a wealthy prince who fled his betrothed, Giselle's world collapses. Mad with heartbreak, she dances herself to death.   


Fifteen artists from kunstZ give their own view on the story.  You see their struggle, love, compassion and resistance in confrontation with the 1841 libretto. This contemporary version moves away from romanticism and delves into the raw reality behind loving in times of division.   


The starting point of this process was a performance visit to Akram Khan's 'Giselle' and a look behind the scenes of the ballet. For weeks the players created movement material and wrote texts that reflected on that experience. Under the guidance of Greet Vissers and various coaches, the end result was multilingual dance theatre.  


GAME Ayham Alafshari, Gloria Biney, Roxette Chikua, Roelie de Jaeger, Daniel Djissenou, Saida El Haddioui, Esma El Nasire, Sim Heyrman, Laetitia Keim, Meryem Kiliç, Jecsan Jimenez Leon, Romeo Lothy, Timur Magomedgadzhiev, Francisco Manzano, Somalia Williamson 
COSTUMES Carly Heathcote, Mathilde Timmerman, Bing Yan Wu  

LIVE MUSIC Alec De Bruyn (guitar), Gorik Elaut (violin, cello)

MUSIC RECORDING Nijat Feyziyev (violin) 

Steven Brys  
COACHING /CHOREOGRAPHY  Michel Kiyombo, Tijen Lawton, Bianca Zueneli 

COSTUMES  Mieja Hollevoet, Liesbeth Plettinckx 

COACHING ACTORS  Duraid Abbas Ghaieb, Benjamin Verhoeven 
PRODUCTION Freija Bosmans, Aline Leynen 
DIRECTOR Greet Vissers 
EMPLOYEES OPERA BALLET FLANDERS Koen Bollen, Benjamin Verhoeven, Marc Thiron, Erik Verdick, Bart Schram, Cora Oosterlinck, Ronald De Clopper

NOT ONE OF US is a production of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and kunstZ. In collaboration with students Theater Costume at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and a contribution of the students Word Art-Drama Pius X within a scenography project. With the support of the Flemish Government.



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