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CITY IN BEELD was developed at the request of 'Impact d'Anvers', a group of young people of various origins. They share a common experience: they feel isolated in a big city and want to break through this isolation.  

The young people give themselves a voice by making short films and distributing them via social media, Facebook and YouTube. KunstZ supports young people in shaping their own stories and stimulates interaction and social cohesion between young people and society.

KunstZ offers guidance, know-how and guidance for the trajectories, organizes meetings with professionals, provides professional guidance and coaching by artists. The young people are guided to a network of organizations that can support future projects.  

In concrete terms, kunstZ, in collaboration with relevant partners, is developing a trajectory in which encounters and training are central and in which the result of this trajectory is shown to a wider audience.  The program ensures that the young people have both extra skills and  develop a network.  

During Mestizo Arts festival 2014, a first short film 'The Birthday' was shown. This short film was realized thanks to Adams Mensah and Werner Kolf who accompanied the young people during this artistic adventure.  In 2015, Mike De Ridder and Salahdine Ibnou Kacemi (NoMoBS) started working with the young people. These workshops resulted in the video clip 'Niet Anders'. During the spring, Mike De Ridder worked out a screenplay for the short film 'Ik ben'.

CITY IN BEELD is a project by kunstZ in collaboration with Mestizo Arts Festival, Fiëbre vzw, Pianofabriek and Victoria Deluxe.  With the support of the Impulse Fund for Migrant Policy and the City of Antwerp.  



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