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KunstZ // Laika // De Roovers // Muziektheater Transparant


'Fiery Love' sets Spoor Oost ablaze in the weekend of Friday 23 November and Saturday 24 November 2018. Children, young people and adults from the Borgerhout neighborhood perform theatre, dance, video, song and poetry. 'Fiery Love' shows the glowing dreams that keep them awake and the burning ideals that drive them. On Friday the schools in the neighborhood take action, on Saturday 'Fiery Love' will be the place to be for all of Antwerp. With a grandiose apotheosis as a closing moment! Anyone who remembers Burning Dragon (winter 2017) knows what we are talking about.  


FROM AND WITH  Borgerhout district, Oostnatie, Kopspel, Rataplan, Together on the street, Kras, kunstZ, Laika, Muziektheater Transparant, de Roovers, Matterhorn…  



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